About The Hunt

What Does A Hunt at WA’s Trophy Whitetail Hunts Entail?

Starting November 7th and ending mid-January, our hunts take place over 3 days in a vastly diverse terrain of rolling hills, woods, and clearings. Our property is scattered with a variety of hunting spots that are perfect for waiting for the ultimate trophy kill. All of our guests are required to be fully licensed in Texas and bring their own firearms and ammo (preferably .270 or longer). We do allow bow hunting as well if that is more your style! All hunting and non-hunting guests will be guided to their hunting spots of choice and if a trophy is harvested, will be able to request field dressing and meat processing services right on the hunting grounds. If you do not snag a buck on the first night, don’t worry, you will have plenty of opportunities on day two and the morning of day three to harvest a trophy. For more information on our hunts in Hill Country, TX, give us a call to speak to one of our knowledgeable guides.

hunting deer and blackbuck in the southwestern texas area

All Of Our Hunts Include:

Our Hunting FAQS

Browse through our most common FAQs! Don’t see your question? Give us a call at (361) 945-2972!

When Does the Season Start & End?

Hunting season at our lodge starts on November 7th and ends January 17th – plenty enough time for you to harvest a great-sized buck!

What Happens When I Do Not Harvest A Trophy?

If you do not harvest a trophy whitetail deer or blackbuck antelope during your 3-day stay, we give you the opportunity to come back and try again without having to pay an additional trophy fee.

What is the Cost for a Non-Hunting Guest?

For both hunting and non-hunting guests, we charge a fixed cost of $150 per day all season long. This $150 for non-hunting guests will include lodging, meals, and overall experience!

Do You Allow Bow Hunting?

Yes! If you would like to show off your bow hunting skills, we allow hunters to do so along with or without a firearm.

Are There Any Weapons Restrictions?

While we do not have any weapon restrictions, we do recommend that you use a .270 or larger round to ensure a clean and humane kill.

What Is Your Safety Policy?

At WA’s Trophy Whitetail Hunts, it is our policy to have each hunter sign a release of liability before hunting on the grounds, however, we do have outfitters insurance to cover any bodily injury or property damage caused due to negligence. 

Whitetail & Blackbuck Antelope Hunting Now Available

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How Much Does It Cost to Hunt Blackbuck Antelope & Whitetail Deer At Our Lodge?

When you book a complete hunting experience at WA’s Trophy Whitetail Hunts in Kerrville, TX, we guarantee an experience of a lifetime. All of our hunts are up to 3-days, giving you an ample amount of time to harvest as many trophy bucks as you can bag! Upon booking, we require ½ of your trophy fee to secure your trip, guaranteeing you the opportunity to snag the whitetail or blackbuck of your dreams.

whitetail deer and blackbuck hunting in southwest texas

Hunting & Lodging

We charge $150/night per hunter. This includes lodging, complete hunting experience, guided hunts, and 3 homecooked meals a day.

Non-Hunting Guests

We charge $150/night per non-hunter. This includes lodging, an inside look at our complete hunting experience, and 3 homecooked meals a day.

Trophy Fees

  • 160” – 179 7/8” – $6,750
  • 180” – 194 7/8” – $9,500
  • 195” – 214 7/8” – $11,500
  • 215” – 229 7/8” – $13,500
  • 230” – 249 7/8” – $15,500
  • 250” – 300” – ASK FOR PRICE
  • 20”-22” (BLACKBUCK) – $3,750

** Drop tines will be $200 per inch in addition to the trophy fee**